So, I collected my twelve year old from school today, “How was your day?” I said, like I always do. Sometimes I get a quick “it was alright” answer and other times it’s complaints about too much homework and a mean teacher. Today I was informed that they were learning about drugs, the different types and the bad side effects.

The teacher drew a circle on the black board (actually, think it’s a white board now) and asked all the students to name different types of drugs they had heard about. Apparently, they listed so many that the teacher had the circle filled in no time. I said “Really, and how many could you list?” I was gobsmacked when my son rattled off a long list of familiar and unfamiliar drug names! “How do you know so many?” I asked, “er, I don’t know, I just do.”

Whether it’s the school yard talk, TV or the internet; kids today would amaze you on what they know, and don’t know. When I was twelve I was so immature and ignorant about a lot of things, which wasn’t a good thing either. I love to hear the stories from school and as the kids get older they get fewer and far between but that’s all part of the teenage years, isn’t it?

Anyway, now all I have to do is keep him on the straight and narrow and get him through his teens 😉

driving home in the car