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Frequently Asked Questions

Caricatures for wedding party, groom and groomsmen, great gift ideas.

Can I make changes to a caricature design during the design process?2021-07-27T09:31:04+01:00

New request or changes that require a re-drawing of the caricature and caricature story can only be made before the colour is added. Any changes that require re-drawing after full colouration and is conflicted with or not found in the original instruction shall not be considered as revision and will incur an extra cost. Minor revision changes are accepted and will not incur a cost (e.g. change of colour, change hair style, add text, or narrow the jaw line/nose). Please note these minor changes are limited to 3 reworks. Customers are responsible for final approvals. Please be sure to doublecheck spelling, grammar, layout, and design before approving artwork. If work is produced that has been approved and contains errors after print and production, then the customer is responsible for full reproduction costs.

Can I cancel or receive a refund on my custom caricature order?2021-07-27T09:24:49+01:00

Your custom caricature order is designed and drawn to your specification, your order cannot be cancelled, changed, refunded and/or credited for another product purchase after the deposit has been paid and final artwork has been created. During the design process and before the final approval, revision changes are accepted.

How much does a caricature cost?2023-01-09T19:19:46+00:00

A caricature created by Caricatures by Carmel vary in cost and start at only €150. For more information please contact Carmel directly at info@caricaturesbycarmel.com.

How do I order a caricature?2015-04-20T20:13:53+01:00

To order a caricature from Caricatures by Carmel is easy! Just email recent photographs plus information on whatever activity, hobbies or fun information you would like included to info@caricaturesbycarmel.com and Carmel can create a fun, friendly caricature for you. Contact Carmel at 086 854 1856.

What kind of photograph should I provide?2023-01-09T19:28:44+00:00

In order for Carmel to create a quality caricature design, a good quality recent photograph is required. No screenshots. You can email as many as you want to Carmel, but they must be a clear front view of the person’s face and not a profile photograph.

How long does it take to create a caricature?2019-04-26T23:28:12+01:00

Please allow a minimum of two to four weeks for Caricatures by Carmel to create a caricature. The minimum time for an order of caricature invitations and stationery may vary.

How do I pay for a caricature?2019-04-26T23:30:22+01:00

Customers can pay for caricatures online by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or by cash. A 40% deposit is required on all orders with the remainder payment required before delivery. Please note that all deposits received are non refundable.

How are the caricatures shipped and what are the costs?2015-04-20T21:15:53+01:00

All Caricatures by Carmel caricatures are packaged and shipped in secure boxes using a courier service. Shipping is €10 for a caricature guest signing board. Invitations, depending on quantity, may cost more.

What size is the caricature guest signing board?2015-04-24T11:47:38+01:00

The size of a Caricature guest signing board from Caricatures by Carmel is a full colour A3 print mounted in a large cream 20 x 24 inch mount, giving plenty of room for signatures and messages from family and friends.

Do you do Caricature invitations?2019-04-26T23:33:54+01:00

Yes, Caricatures by Carmel also designs caricature invitations and stationery for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and business events.

Do you create digital caricature designs?2015-04-24T12:14:29+01:00

Yes, Carmel can create a digital caricature design in any size and email or send the design to a customer in any format. A digital caricature design can be used in website design, illustrations, online and print design.

Do you provide frames for the caricatures?2023-01-09T19:22:21+00:00

Yes, you can purchase a wood frame at Caricatures by Carmel to finish off the final presentation of your caricature. Frames start at €30 and are hand made in Ireland.


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