Stephen and Sarah from Edinburgh, Scotland wanted to invite their wedding guests with fun and quirky invitations and approached Carmel Grant Designs to create them.

Stephen shared that he loves playing golf, and enjoys a pint or two of Innis and Gunn lager. He emailed photographs of the kilt he was planning on wearing on the wedding day, along with the suit jacket, socks and shoes, so I could include all these details in the caricature cartoon design. It was mentioned that Sarah, on the other hand, likes to run, enjoys shopping, specifically in Zara and River Island, and loves to socialise with family and friends. Together, they adore their beloved furry companion, Murphy their dog, so it was important that he was included too. The wedding venue was the beautiful Stair Arms Hotel in Pathhead and Stephen wanted the Swanston Golf Club included somewhere in the design.

Before the design was drawn up, I suggested a few different story ideas to choose from. They included the couple dressed in their wedding attire, standing together arm in arm, Murphy sitting beside them, with Stephen leaning on a golf club and toasting with champagne and lager. And another idea with Stephen holding Sarah in his arms with Murphy, a rugby ball and his golf bag on the ground beside him. In the end they chose a third story idea I proposed which included a little more fun and action.

caricature wedding invitation for Scottish bride and groom.

The finished wedding invitation design included the Stair Arms in the background, Murphy the dog running by with Sarah running behind holding on to the dog lead, and Stephen chasing after them. I drew Sarah wearing a plain white wedding dress with a glass of champagne and a River Island and Zara shopping bag swinging off her arm. Stephen is carrying a large glass of lager brandishing his kilt and suit, while carrying his golf bag on his back with one or two clubs jostling around and falling out of the bag. They are running by a sign post pointing to the wedding venue and the golf club.

An order was placed for square folded wedding day invitations and square flat evening invitations. The square invitations I provide are 145 x 145 mm in size, can be ordered flat or folded, and come with white envelopes. If you would like more information on the wedding invitation sizes and types I provide, a sample pack can be ordered on my website here and wording suggestions for a wedding invitations can be downloaded here.

Caricature wedding invitations

Shortly after the wedding invitations were posted out to all the wedding guests, I received an email from Stephen stating that:

Our Invitations were delivered this morning and have gone down an absolute treat as we had hoped, We both can’t thank you enough.

As Stephen and Sarah embark on this new chapter of their lives, I am really grateful to have played a small part in their journey. Their wedding invitations shared their story capturing a special moment in art, creating a keepsake.

Here’s to Stephen, Sarah, Murphy, and the countless adventures that lie ahead.

Stephen and Sarah on their wedding day in the Stair Arms Hotel Scotland.

Stephen and Sarah on their wedding day in the Stair Arms Hotel Scotland.

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