A caricature guest signing board is a creative and unique alternative to the traditional guest books or signing boards, often used at weddings and other special events. Instead of having your guests simply write their names and messages in a book that is put away and seldom opened again, a Caricatures by Carmel guest signing board features a personalised drawing including the couples hobbies and interests. After everyone has signed their messages around the artwork, it becomes a cherished keepsake to display for years.

Ali and Paudie celebrated their wedding back in April at the Newbay House in Wexford and I created a caricature guest signing board that also included their cute son. I was told that Paudie the groom is a potato farmer and loves his John Deere tractor, and Ali the bride loves her gin and tonic and shopping in Pennys. So I created a caricature with the bride and groom sitting in a John Deere tractor. I drew Paudie holding a pint of Heineken and Ali holding a large G&T with a Pennys shopping bag swinging on her arm.

I added their son Paudie in driving a mini John Deere tractor pulling a sack of ‘Curracloe Farms’ spuds in a trailer behind him. In the background I drew the wedding venue with a signpost pointing to where they are both from Curracloe and Castlebridge, and where they live.

When creating caricatures I love to add in as much detail as possible and just make it more personal for the customer, so I asked Ali what colour and type of suit Paudie would be wearing on the day, and if she had a photograph of her dress. Ali emailed photographs to me of their wedding attire and I was able to recreate his suit and her wedding dress, including the beautiful lace front on Ali’s dress. Of course Paudie didn’t see the final framed caricature guest signing board until their wedding day, it’s bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress before they get married, isn’t it.

The finished artwork is full of colour and detail. All hand drawn digitally by me in my studio in Waterford City and printed locally. Ali emailed me after the wedding to say “we absolutely loved the picture and our guests loved it too”.

If you would like to order a caricature for a special event or an illustration design for branding, publication, social media assets or stationery, please feel free to send an email to me, Carmel at info@caricaturesbycarmel.com and start the conversation today!

Caricature of bride and groom in a John Deere tractor, and their son on a miniature tractor pulling a sack of Curracloe spuds. The Newbay House in the background.