What happens to missing socks? Do they get eaten up by the drier or simply disappear like magic off the washing line? While sorting out laundry last night, the pile of clothes was folded, sorted and put away and yet once again I was left with a small collection of odd socks.

Washing a pair of socks begins in the washing machine, then if it’s a ‘great day for drying’ they end up on the line. After a fresh drying (between the showers), they end up in the overcrowded utility room and eventually I get around to sorting out the monster pile of clothes in my bedroom. Now I know that I put pairs of socks into the washing machine at the beginning but somehow, somewhere, something goes wrong!

As I type this, I’m sporting one black sock with a red snowflake (half of a Christmas present) and one green sock, I decided earlier that it was a boot wearing day.  The long lost partners are probably hiding beneath a piece of furniture somewhere in the house, stuck behind the drier or mixed up and lonely in a wrong drawer somewhere.

I try in vain to reunite the lost pairs but it’s futile, the pile continues to grow and I am resigned to wearing my long boots quite frequently now.

One of these days I will send a search party out to rescue these long lost socks but I wonder ….. what else could possibly have happened to them?