Who doesn’t like Paddy’s Day? 

OK … so it’s almost time for the world to turn green for one day!! 

What do we love about St Patrick’s Day? Is it all the local and national traditional parades or getting the day off work and school, the excuse to drink copious amounts of alcohol or the fact that the rest of the world celebrates it too?

For me, I think it’s fantastic that it’s a ‘Day for the Irish’ that’s celebrated worldwide. I lived in New York for ten years and loved how everyone became Irish for the day and claimed whatever bit of Irish roots they could find. No matter where you are in the world or what nationality you are, you almost have a license on March 17th to be an honorary Irish person.

That’s what gave me the idea to create a funny caricature featuring Simon Cowell and all the lads from One Direction. I thought Simon would look good in a kelly green shirt, instead of his usual white one and a pair of tight white trousers. Harry and Liam are wearing casual green tops, chinos and jeans, Louis in jeans and a green shirt and tie and Niall wearing a ‘Real Paddy’ T-Shirt and jeans. Zayn just had to look cool in a green bomber jacket, green T-shirt and jeans to go with his moody smile.

Not a bad looking bunch are they and look at those legs go! Never thought I would see the day when Simon Cowell would dance an Irish jig (mind you, bet he didn’t either) 😉

Wherever you are celebrating St Patrick’s Day or Paddy’s Day this year (and it’s not, I repeat not, St Patty’s Day!!!); have an enjoyable one and stay safe 🙂

caricature of Simon Cowell and One Direction Irish Dancing

Simon Cowell and One Direction Irish Dancing