Earlier this year a customer reached out to me with a special request, to create a caricature for her son and fiancé who were celebrating their marriage in March. Fearghal had travelled all the way to Auckland, New Zealand, to pursue his PhD. Not only did he achieve his academic dreams, but he also found love with Aaron. They celebrated their union with weddings in both Auckland and Kilkenny, and I had the honour of capturing their love story in a caricature.

Fearghal and Aaron’s interests made the caricature design process enjoyable. I was told that they both love Lego, Harry Potter, and board games, Aaron works in the planning office, and Fearghal’s talent for cake-making added a sweet touch to their story.

I suggested three caricature story ideas for Fearghal’s mother to choose from before I started drawing up the caricature design.

  1. Flying Over Lego Hogwarts: Aaron and Fearghal in Harry Potter robes, flying on a broomstick over a Lego Hogwarts castle set on a board game. Fearghal holding a three-tier cake and Aaron with a “Lego Hogwarts Planning Permission” folder, with signposts pointing to Kilkenny and Auckland.
  2. Dressed to Impress: The couple in suits, adorned with Harry Potter scarves and accessories. Fearghal holding a cake, Aaron a vase with Lego flowers, planning papers in his pocket, and a pile of board games beside them. A background featuring Kilkenny Castle or a Harry Potter-themed scene, with directional signs.
  3. Magic and Travel: Aaron and Fearghal in Harry Potter attire, one holding a broom, the other a wand. A table with a cake, Lego flowers, and board games on one side; suitcases with travel documents on the other. The backdrop could be their wedding venue or a meaningful location, with signposts for Dublin and Auckland.

The first suggestion was chosen, and I had great fun creating a playful caricature of Aaron and Fearghal flying on their broomsticks over a Lego Hogwarts. The caricature was filled with many personal details like the suits they wore, signposts to Kilkenny and Auckland, and elements of their favourite pastimes, a cherished keepsake of their special day.

If you would like to order a personalised caricature as a gift for a special occasion, all I require are good clear photographs and information on the person I am drawing. For more information email info@carmelgrantdesigns.ie or call 086 854 1856.