Word of 2013 – Selfie

So the word of 2013 was ‘Selfie‘ and after the famous Oscar night selfie tweeted by Ellen Degeneres, which was retweeted over 3 million times; the selfie has taken on a whole new meaning. The ‘epic’ selfie which featured big names like Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Brad & Angelina, Jennifer Lawrence and Kevin Spacey and taken on a Samsung phone by the gorgeous Bradley Cooper. It was re tweeted over 1.7 million times in one hour!!! Samsung must have been delighted …. great publicity ….. hmmm, was it planned 😉

Everyone is taking them; from celebrities, to the American president, to your next door neighbor. You just have to google the word #selfie and a barrage of millions of images of people in many poses, shapes and sizes will appear. Some people seem to dedicate their lives taking selfies, their Instagram and Twitter accounts are full of it.

This March a #NoMakeup selfie campaign craze started on Twitter and Facebook and helped raise over €1 million for the Irish Cancer Society alone and now the dogs have got in on the act with the #delfie campaign raising funds for the Irish Guide Dog Association.

Here at Caricatures by Carmel, I thought I would get in on the act too. I asked a lot of the celebrities that I created if they would get involved and in fairness, they had no choice. Following the Oscars, I released this one of a kind Caricature Selfie which features Brian O’Driscoll, the members from One Direction, Imelda May, Anthony McPartlin (half of Ant & Dec), Celia Holman Lee and myself.

Boy …. did we have fun 😉

Caricature Selfie

Oscar Caricature Selfie

Anyway, I tweeted my FAB selfie too but only managed a handful of retweets, must get Brangelina and a few other big named celebrities involved in the next one 🙂

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