Ok, so what is with all the buns? Not the edible type or the well formed bum types, but I mean the hair buns.

A lot of the teen girls are walking around with these huge ‘doughnut’ hair bun’s on the top of their heads! You know the type I mean, like what Michaella McCollum has plonked on the top of her head. Personally I think it looks like a dead animal or a birds nest.

Last year, I noticed teen girls walking around with tidy hair buns to the back or side of their head and I liked it, but now it’s like a competition to see how high and how big you can make them. Some are bigger than their own heads!

Penny’s are doing a roaring trade, you can buy a hair doughnut in any size and if you don’t have enough hair to cover the doughnuts, you can buy hair extensions. What ever happened to the poor innocent pony tail 😉

I think the next craze will be the mullet, yes the mullet. Rhianna was sporting a mullet when she appeared on ‘The Chatty Man’ show on Friday night and I don’t usually like them but she pulled it off. Buns … mullets … it’s all a hair raising subject (sorry, couldn’t resist).

God, am I getting old? 🙂

Did anyone check under that bun?

Did anyone check under that bun?

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