Isn’t it FAB when we get a few days of sun in Ireland and it’s rare that we get two or three together. As I’m writing this I’m sitting in a light sun dress and sandals. This sun dress is a few years old but sadly I could probably count on one hand how many times I have worn it.

As a nation, we are obsessed with the weather, we moan when its cold and wet and moan when it’s hot. One thing about it though it helps to strike up a conversation, whether you like it or not.

Ever been on the train or bus journey and you try to bury yourself in a book, newspaper or phone, trying to avoid eye contact with other passengers so you can have some peace. I lived in New York for years and traveled on the subways, trains and buses daily and the only people who spoke to you were weirdos. But you sit on public transport here and you can be guaranteed a total stranger will catch your eye and start a conversation about the weather and before you know it you have their family history.

We love to show off our farmers tans and the ol’ white legs in our summer shorts as soon as we see the temperatures hitting 16 degrees and later this evening the lovely smells of Barbeques will be wafting around the estate. (That reminds me, I must give my one a scrubbing, might use it at the weekend)

Being obsessed with the weather I have already looked at the five day forecast for my area and it’s looking good, I’d say that all the local supermarkets will run out of burgers and burger buns by Saturday.

So I’m going to get out and enjoy the bit of sun this weekend as it can’t last, it just can’t ….. or can it? (We can but dream) 😉