So, did you watch the final of Britain’s Got Talent this weekend? Not only did we get a fully packed show with, what I must say, the best final contestants in a long time, but we were also entertained by eggs!

During the performance of two brothers, Richard and Adam, who were belting out a classical number, one member of the orchestra casually got up from her chair, walked briskly to the front of the stage between the two singers and began belting Simon Cowell with eggs. It took everyone by surprise, so much so she seemed to have time to throw all six eggs before she was removed from the stage. The egg thrower was Natalie Holt whom had participated in the show last year in Raven’s Quartet (I don’t remember them). If you are one of the few that didn’t see it yet or would like to see the delighted happy face on Natalie as she pelted Simon with the Tesco eggs again, here’s the video here.

I thought Simon Cowell handled the situation very well, though he was stunned he didn’t seem too phased remarking that he did tweet earlier in the week that he hated eggs and laughed it off. He removed his jacket and completed the rest of the show in his white shirt with remnants of egg splattered on it.

It got me thinking about all these reality TV shows, of which Simon Cowell is the force behind many. I remember living in New York when MTV rolled out ‘The Real World’ in 1992, think this was the very first reality TV show.

I have to admit, I put my hands up, I love reality TV. I love September to Christmas when X Factor battles for TV ratings with Strictly Come Dancing and I’m a Celebrity pop’s in for a few weeks before Christmas. Then it’s Dancing on Ice in the Spring along with The Voice of Ireland and The Voice UK goes up against Britain’s Got Talent. But there is an overload of reality shows now and I think some of them are starting to loose their appeal.

The last series of X Factor and Dancing on Ice were both, in my opinion, Blah. It was reported recently that 2014 will be the last Dancing on Ice series and to shake things up a little, Simon put Sharon Osbourne back in the judges seat for X Factor 2013. 😀

But love them or hate them I think they will be around for a long time yet, all the TV stations and Fat Cats are making so much money from all the voting lines. As soon as one reality show is axed, Simon is sure to have the next one waiting in the wings 😉

Simon Cowell after being egged at Britain's Got Talent