Fancy being made into a paper doll? You can be a super hero, a princess, a fire fighter, a doctor or much more! Order a customised printable paper doll today for only €50! All I need is a photographs and I will create a doll plus 3 outfits and email the artwork directly to you.

Order your own customised printable paper doll pattern!

How it works;

Purchase the product below

Carmel will contact you for a photograph of the person you want created into a doll, and details for the three outfits

Paper doll will be hand drawn and the finished artwork sent by email in PDF format

* Download the artwork * Print them out * Colour the paper doll and outfits in * Cut them out * Bend the tabs * Have fun dressing and playing with the paper doll!

Please allow 5 to 7 days for creation.