So I escaped to the ‘Big Smoke’ this weekend, passport in hand I boarded the train in Waterford bound for Heuston station, Dublin. I was meeting up with an old school friend Debbie, who now lives in Sligo ….. to see Adam Ant!!!

Yes, Adam Ant, the prince charming himself. Debbie was a huge Adam Ants fan in the 80’s and this was a fitting excuse for us to meet up for a few light refreshments 😉 and to catch up on gossip.

After our train rides and a quick spin on Ireland’s answer to a mass transit system that only has two routes and they don’t meet up (yes the Luas), we checked into our hotel. We were like two excited school children, given permission to go to a cool party without our parents!! We filled our bellies with delicious pub grub, washed down with a few beers and plenty of chat, then went and got ready for our big night out!

The Adam Ant concert was in Vicar Street (great venue), nothing like drinking a frothy pint of Guinness out of a plastic cup. Thank God they were plastic cups and not glass, as there were plenty plastic cups, still full of beer, being dropped and thrown around later on during the concert. Before Adam himself took to the stage I dragged Debbie up near the front of the stage where we stood, elbows out, guarding our sacred ground until he graced the stage.

Adam Ant started singing after 9pm and went on till shortly after 11pm. Sporting a pair of dark framed glasses and dressed in his iconic 16th century pirate style but without the white stripe across his nose. He churned out both old and new tune after tune, strutted his stuff across the stage and posed for countless cameras and camera phones. His energy was infectious and this was assisted by two fantastic drummers, the base and lead guitarists and the scantily clad young one who pretended to do backing vocals.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the concert, Debbie was fascinated and stood in awe watching her 80’s idol and drinking in the whole atmosphere. We spent the following hours and the next day talking about it and reminiscing but it wasn’t until we watched back some of our mobile phone videos that we realised that maybe he wasn’t all that ‘live’. Debbie had noticed during one of his songs that he dropped his mic and he was still singing, and I had noticed improved sound quality with certain songs, most notably his 80’s smash hits.

Check out my short video clip here and see what I mean, he’s singing but not near his mic and the base player or lead guitarist are not at their mic’s! 😉 Did he sing with a backing track? Are they all doing this now? (By the way, that is not me singing along badly in my video!)

We still enjoyed the concert though and look forward to the next one 🙂