So excited, I was finally eligible for an upgrade for a new phone this week and got a Samsung yesterday, it’s my new toy!

It will take me ages trying to figure it out, get used to the new menu and strange ring tone but I’m already loving it. It has a front and back camera, which means I can now Skype my friends and family and it has more internal memory than my last phone, so I can download more apps and spend more time on twitter and Facebook (as if I didn’t already). As you can tell, I’m excited 😉

How did we ever manage before mobile phones? I am so glad we didn’t have mobile phones in the 80’s when I was a teenager, think life was that little bit simpler.

When I returned to Ireland from New York at the end of 1999, I couldn’t believe how many people had mobile phones. The first mobile phone I got was shared with my husband and it was like a brick compared to today’s sleek designs. Twenty years ago, you could never imagine that we could one day not only phone each other, but also take photographs, create videos and get information or shop online from a small hand held device!

Love them or hate them, I just can’t live without mine ….