Before you ask, No … I am not pregnant but this week has been all about cleaning and organising …. I don’t know what’s come over me!

On Monday I set the task of attacking my studio/office/computer room and in fairness it badly needed it. (If you are my mother or a friend who has frequented this room then you are probably nodding right now)

The room was converted from the garage into a spare room over ten years ago and has accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ since then. I have already filled the recycle bin with papers, card board boxes and plastics, and I’m not finished yet.

Furniture is getting jigged around, folders are getting new labels, shelves are now organised into categories so I ‘can’ find what I’m looking for and homes are finally found for the mountain of ‘I must file that soon’ papers that have grown and spread across my sewing table.

Apart from creating a tidier and more user friendly work space, I have also found lost items and old treasures. Found my favorite pair of sunglasses, old photographs and a lovely gift boxed cross pen set that my husband received years ago, that I have now claimed.

The biggest surprise find was a box full of old cassette tapes (there’s a word I haven’t said in a long time). They range from Prince, Blondie and Queen to accordion music and Zig & Zag!!! On top of them was a complete CD box set of Garth Brooks, yes you heard me Garth Brooks! (Well, that’s my mother’s Christmas gift sorted) 😉

All in all, it is so satisfying to see the place almost tidy, still have more work to do, so I hope I don’t run out of steam. 🙂

Ok .... So the room wasn't this bad, honestly ;)

Ok …. So the room wasn’t this bad, honestly 😉

Tapes galore

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