I know, it’s been a while but I’m back and I bet you’re all excited 😉

Had a very busy November and December creating caricatures for weddings and birthdays along with participating in the Waterford Homecrafts annual Christmas Craft Fair in the Garter Lane Arts Centre.

Meet Andrew ….

Caricature for a 18th birthday guest signing board

Happy 18th Birthday to Andrew

Andrew’s 18th birthday was at Christmastime and his cousin decided to order a caricature guest signing board as a gift. She told me that he is soccer mad, a Liverpool FC supporter and is a goal keeper for his local tea. So I decided to create a caricature of him standing in a small goal with huge goal keeper hands.

After the celebrations she emailed me a photograph of Andrew proudly posing with his caricature guest signing board and he was delighted with it. Bet all the messages made for good reading the following day 😉

Andrew with his Caricature Guest Signing Board

Andrew with his Caricature Guest Signing Board at his party