Don’t think there are many people left in Ireland who have not yet been nominated for the ALS and MND #icebucketchallenge. All our Facebook timelines have been a wash (excuse the pun) with ice bucket challenge videos of family, friends, strangers and celebrities over the past two weeks and I for one have really enjoyed watching them 🙂

Text MND to 50300

Text MND to 50300

I was kindly nominated by my (used to be good) friend in Paris, Antoinette 😉 It was a challenge I accepted and completed the morning after a not so quite night at a hen party ….. ice water is a great cure! My lovely husband, my kids and kids friends took great joy in slowly drowning me in ice cold water; which was a shock to the system in many ways but all for a good cause. I made my donation by texting MND to 50300 and also managed to get my own back on the husband a few days later 😛


Carmel doing the #MNDicebucketchallenge

This simple challenge, which was started in Boston by ALS sufferer Peter Frates has been hugely successful in raising much needed funds for the ALS and MND charties worldwide. In the month of August alone, over $100 million was raised in the USA and to date over €1.3 million has been raised in Ireland.

There have been a lot of negative comments to this campaign. Many people have been complaining that it’s a ‘huge waste of water’ and ‘you don’t have to pour water over your head to donate to charity’; but what I really love about this campaign is that it raised awareness!!! I myself had some knowledge about Motor Neurons Disease, but just watching videos posted by some of the brave people who are living with the disease, it really opened my eyes.

Yes, there are many many other charities that badly need money and would love the same awareness, but this is their time, so let them enjoy it and reap the benefits. So, watch and share the videos, donate and let’s not forget about it when all the hype has calmed down. And hope one day, there will be a cure.

Here’s some of my favorite videos …..

This woman just cracked me up ….”I can’t swim!” so funny.

Even poor Superman found it cold!

Enjoyed this one from Google Ireland 🙂

Caricature Guest signing Boards - Frame your guests messages

Caricature Guest signing Boards – Frame your guests messages