Who doesn’t like Halloween? I love it! It gives adults the chance to be kids, dress up in silly or scary costumes and go out in public!

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would have some fun creating some Halloween cartoons.

My first one was inspired by a witch decoration that I made years ago based on a funny photograph I had seen on the internet. It’s a witch that has crashed into my house. I created it using a leftover Dominos Pizza box, black plastic bags, a clothes hanger, fabric, newspapers, black marigold gloves, old tights, a Euro shop witches hat, a broom and plently of hot glue. She hangs proudly by our front door every year and the little tricker treaters get a great kick out of it. (not litterly 😉 )

Homemade Witch Decoration

Homemade Witch Decoration

So, my first Halloween cartoon features a witch after flying into a house because she was too busy using her mobile phone! See, it’s also dangerous to fly and use a mobile phone. 😉

Witches, don't text and fly cartoon

Witches, don’t text and fly cartoon

The second Halloween cartoon is based on the fact that I despise seeing Christmas decorations, sweets and selection boxes in the shops at the beginning of September. Children are only back in school and the supermarkets think it’s time to start forcing Christmas stuff on us!!! Why can’t they wait till after Halloween? It get’s earlier every year! That gave me the idea to create a cartoon with witches decorated for Christmas before Halloween.

Happy Halloween Cartoon

Happy Halloween from Caricatures by Carmel

After creating the flying Christmas witches cartoon, Karen McCarthy from CalypsoIT, turned it into a cool animation! Karen provides social media training and consultancy for small businesses in Waterford and is one of the founding members of the Tramore CoderDojo group. She created this animation using Scratch which is a fanastic tool for all ages! My next project I think. 😉

Just click on the flag icon to play. Thanks for creating this Karen!!!! 🙂