Today YouTube celebrates it’s 8th birthday.

Eight years! I can’t believe it myself, I thought it was around a lot longer than that. Do you remember the dancing baby? I remember the excitement in the office in the late 90’s when people started emailing the short video of the ‘dancing baby‘ around and we all thought it was fab!

Today, there are well over 120,000,000 video’s on YouTube and approximately 200,000 uploaded everyday. You can search and find a video on anything from learning to play the guitar to dancing cats. Earlier I had a problem updating a computer software and it was solved with the assistance of a YouTube video.

With smart phones, ipads and other android devices, people upload videos as news stories (good or bad) are happening around the world and then share them via social media in a matter of seconds. Some people are making money through their YouTube channels with paid advertising and careers have begun because of YouTube, like Justin Bieber.

If all this has happened in eight years …. what will happen in the next eight? The possibilities are endless 😉