Anyone who know’s me well, will know that I am a proud Chocoholic!!!! 🙂 Not only am I a chocoholic but I guess I am a fussy one. It has to be Cadbury’s chocolate, and only the Irish or English made Cadbury‘s and not the full of preservatives American Cadbury bars.

I can live without the fancy pants deluxe chocolates filled with custards, cremes, liquors and fruits; just give a box of Milk Tray and I’m a happy camper. (Easily pleased) 😉

Yesterday was a Monday and for me it wasn’t just any ordinary Monday, it was my first Monday back to work after a two week holiday. It doesn’t matter if you have just enjoyed a sun holiday in the Bahamas or a camping trip on your local beach, everyone gets hit with the holiday blues when they return home.

Even though I love what I do and I just love being creative; I did wish I was somewhere else when I turned on the computer to begin work. That all changed when I decided to have a quick look at the world of Facebook. I was greeted with the WLRfm and Beat 102 103 pages announcing it was International Chocolate Day!!!

It was great, I had a valid excuse to run to the shop and buy the largest bar of Cadbury chocolate that was on special deal in Tesco’s. Imagine, I had none in the house (which is a sin). Let’s just say that large bar of delicious nutty Cadbury chocolate was demolished, no …. it was inhaled!! Don’t tell the kids (it’s too late now). 😉

It’s amazing how the hours flowed by quickly. Emails and phone calls were answered amicably, caricatures drawn and later a few house hold chores were attempted and I managed to threw a bit of dinner together to feed the family.

The day ended with me wading my way through aqua aerobics last night, so I’m sure that burnt off a few of the calories. Well, maybe  a few squares anyway.

Hope you all celebrated International Chocolate Day too, can’t wait for next year 😉

Confessions of a Chocoholic on International Chocolate Day

Confessions of a Chocoholic on International Chocolate Day

Frame your guests messages with a caricature guest signing board