Well most of us have been there …. haven’t we? You are out having a great time with friends and under the influence of too much alcohol you say or do something you regret the next day. Well at a wedding early this year, a drunken guest vandalised a wedding guest board and I’m sure they regretted it the next day (if they remembered).

Last month I received an email from a newly wed who was a bit distraught. She had received a Caricatures by Carmel Guest Signing Board as a wedding gift on their wedding day and was anxious to get it framed but there was a problem.

In her email she wrote, “We received one of your caricatures as a present to be displayed at our wedding. It is fantastic and we love it but unfortunately someone vandalised it on the day. We were really annoyed and upset over this but are hoping this can be remedied! “

Sometime late in the evening of their wedding reception, one of their guests decided to get creative and added some additional artwork on the caricature. I don’t want to share a photograph as it might embarrass the customer, but this ‘nice’ guest decided to draw an extra body part on the horse their caricatures were sitting on. (You can use your imagination)

Luckily I was able to reprint the caricature and remount it using the original mount, so they didn’t loose any of the signatures and well wishes from the day. Now they can frame and display it.

Following on from this email, I will now advise customers to be aware of the location of their caricature guest signing board during their event. Suggest that they assign someone to do this and maybe remove it to a safe place when things get a bit messy late in the night.

It’s better to be prepared and try to avoid the caricature guest signing board getting damaged or vandalised, but if it does happen to Caricatures by Carmel board, just give me a call and I will be happy to find a way to repair it! 🙂

Crying bride

Not the actual Bride. photo courtesy of Rex Features