Oh my goodness isn’t this weather just fabulous, perfect weather for the beach, outdoor pools, barbeques and for drying your clothes on the line. My washing machine has never seen so much action, I’m searching the house for things to wash …. sure it’s dry in no time 😉 .

And have you noticed all the ecstatic convertible car owners driving around with their roofs down and the big delighted heads on them; they finally get the chance to really look cool in their FAB cars (Not jealous at all).

First few days of this sun, everyone was skeptical, ‘sure it can’t last’ and ‘lets make the best of it’ and now all you hear is ‘it’s too hot for sleeping!’ Suck it up I say, we have been crying out for a decent summer for years let’s enjoy it, this is how it should be. All the local beaches in Waterford have been packed everyday, we were swimming in Woodstown beach last night at 8pm and the water was still gloriously warm.

The only downside to this great weather is that my diet plan is going to pot with the temptation of great barbeque food and 99 ice creams (sure you have to cool down, don’t you). I have been following the Operation Transformation meal plan since mid January and last week, I was 2 lb shy of loosing a total of 2 stone! (very proud of myself). Not looking forward to standing on the scales tomorrow though.

I know what your thinking, this is great salad weather and yes, there are healthy foods you can cook on the barbeque too but who can resist the allure of a flame grilled juicy burger. And you have to go the whole hog and sandwich it between a bun or a blaa ….. but I do put lettuce and tomatoes on it, so that’s partly a salad 😉

So here’s to the Irish summer of 2013, you have been good to us so far, long may it continue and don’t forget the sun cream 🙂

Enjoying the barbeque weather :)

Enjoying the barbeque weather 🙂

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